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The EU-funded DIONE project offers a unique fusion of innovative technologies that improves the workflow of agricultural monitoring. DIONE project is developing a direct payment controlling toolbox for paying agencies to abide by the modernised CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) regulations, involving novel techniques that will improve the capabilities of satellite technology while integrating various data sources (drones, soil sensors and mobile applications). At the same time a system developed on a regional or national scale will evaluate the monitored parameters to form evidence-based conclusions regarding eventual environmental impacts on an entire region.

DIONE will

Capitalise on recent results of ESA’s SEN4CAP project

that showcased the capability of Sentinel data to monitor the crop diversification rules.

Include in the analysis the so far neglected EFA types

(fallow land of all sizes, buffer strips, hedges, trees), by making use of super-resolution technology that improves the 10-20m Sentinel resolution to an improved resolution range (5-10m).

Complement the use of EO data with a system

of reliable, ground-based geo-tagged photos, captured by the farmers that exploits (a) advances that allow for improved positional accuracy, (b) low-footprint encryption techniques for improved data security and reliability and (c) image detecting manipulation techniques (image forensics).

Implement a Green Compliance toolbox

integrated with the paying agencies’ aforementioned tools.

DIONE at a Glance

The integrated EO-based DIONE’ toolbox delivers clear economic value to key targeted customers, estimating to lower administrative and operational costs to 30% of the current ones related to CAP area-based compliance checks and assessment of respective environmental impacts

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