Kate is an agronomist working at a company that provides consultancy in agriculture and environmental issues. She works on monitoring and implementation of protocols concerning good agricultural practices: AGRO2, ECOLABEL, GLOBALGAP, TNC, QS, IFA, SQF 1000. She is also an expert in CAP measures dedicated to environmental and climate resilient strategies such as cross-compliance and greening. She often visits clients’ farms and evaluates its compliance to statutory management, good agricultural practice requirements, providing information and advisory service on how to manage farm and its technology (e.g. crop monitoring, fertilization plans, evaluation of documentation etc.).

The tools she has tried that were supposed to simplify the procedures seemed to be too complexand not so user-friendly as farmers/advisers would have liked. For her, it is crucial to have the access to the right databases (state and private), data integration with the farm management software and a tool to get the satellite images with national coverage without the need to search and buy it from commercial suppliers.
1Scenario #1
Kate logs in to DIONE farmer’s compliance monitoring tool. The dashboard opens with the list of the farmers who are his clients. Searching capabilities allow him to easily find a particular client. She opens the client’s page and inspects the data for the particular farm, including: current greening compliance status, crop type per parcel, EFAs, permanent pastures, geo-tagged photos recorded by the farmer, very high resolution drone imagery, soil characteristics from spectrometers and biophysical parameters of crops. On the timescale, she chooses timeframe for the data to be displayed and he takes a look at the historical data. By picking a location on the map section, Kate retrieves graph presentation of the parameters’ changes through the time. By picking two locations, she can make comparison of parameters’ behaviour. She imports data on pests and diseases that occurred on the farm so he can analyse it in the context of other data.

Based on the inspected information, Kate:

1) provides advice to his client regarding compliance to CAP direct payments rules,

2) develops crops management plan and provides advice on using precise farming,

3) inspects crops’ health and decides what actions should be taken during the growing season.

She generates an automatic report on his client’s compliance with regulations and crop’s health.