Joao is a small farmer managing 20 ha of cereal crops and 10 ha of olive trees. Every year he submits the application in order to receive direct payments. Therefore, he has to check if he respects the rules imposed for CAP direct payments such as cross-compliance GAECs and greening. Additionally, his olives trees are an organic grove. Every year an inspector from the organic inspection company visits the farm for evaluating the compliance.

Monitoring of the farm activities and the compliance with a number of rules is expensive and time consuming for Joao. He is aware that there are various applications and data sources, but he faces the lack of consultants who could interpret the data.
1Scenario #1
Joao wants to check if he is compliant with greening rules. He logs in to DIONE farmer’s compliance monitoring tool. Now he can see his parcels and the current greening compliance status. He notices that pasture data is missing in one part of his farm which influences his compliance status. He decides to go to the field and take several geo-tagged photos to provide additional proof.
2Scenario #2
Joao goes to the field to take new geo-tagged photos with his smartphone. He starts DIONE mobile application which guides him to the locations where the inspector is requesting new geo-tagged photos. It also guides him to the ideal image capture and quality. On the screen Joao sees agricultural parcel boundaries superimposed. When Joao sets the right position and orientation of his smartphone, he takes the photos and types in the additional information.