Mariana holds a PhD and works as a principal investigator/researcher at the Scientific Institute. Her project is in the field of the complete crops’ irrigation and nutrition cycle as well as of the reduction of carbon footprint and water consumption. These topics are being considered in the context of the CAP modernisation so she needs to address the related aspects such as farmers’ profiles, precision agriculture technologies, EU and national policies and Land Use management.

To do the research, Mariana primarily needs access to a quantity of reliable data, some of it preferable in near-real time.
1Scenario #1
Mariana receives the automatically imported DIONE products: Crop types, EFAs, Permanent pastures, Biophysical parameters of crops and Soil data from spectrometers into the GIS software she uses for her research project.
2Scenario #2
Mariana logs in to DIONE environmental performance tool. From the menu of generated environmental performance indicators and other relevant datasets for the area of interest, she selects soil organic carbon to be displayed on the map. She triggers calculation of the indicator changes between two dates and correlation of the indicator changes with scheme measures applied. She inspects the results visualised on the map and as summary statistics. Mariana then exports the results for the further use in her research environment.